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SODOG is a high-end daycare and grooming facility that provides outstanding pet care and caters to all dogs.

At SODOG we understand individual dogs have a range of interests that shift moment by moment, which is why we strive to offer the highest quality experience for each dog, by allowing them to have options and control throughout their day.

We pride ourselves on having a capacity limit for daycare, meaning our rooms will never be overcrowded. Our boutique approach to daycare allows each dog to have adequate space to be able to exercise comfortably, play safely and maintain cleanliness.

We will assess your dogs behaviour on their first day, which is our first step in getting to know each dogs unique ethnological needs.

We will help dogs in our care learn about relaxed play, whilst recognizing when they need time out and a change of pace or rest, to benefit both the dog and the owner.

Transparent communication and regular reports on your dogs behaviour and health.

Dogs will be grouped accordingly dependant on size, age and temperament to ensure their safety and success in group daycare.

Large chill out area for the slower, more mature dogs that will mimic the comfort of their own home.

Luxurious, safe environment with stimulative equipment and outdoor like features.

Longhorn specialized animal flooring for your pup to run, play and rest on whilst absorbing impact to joints, helping to prevent injury and provide additional comfort.

All staff are required to be experienced in pet care and trained in first aid to provide the best possible care to our clients.

We are committed to our ongoing role in habituating each dog to their setting and rewarding good behaviour.

Each play room will be equipped with a functional, artificial grass relief station to maintain cleanliness and toilet training.

A day at SODOG will include…

About the owner

Mimi moved from London, UK to Calgary in early 2019. Animals and in-particular dogs have been a passion of Mimi’s ever since she can remember and has always dreamt of having her own business within the animal care industry. Mimi started her journey with animals as a volunteer nurse assistant at several local veterinary clinics in addition to fundraising for animal shelters.

As a teenager, Mimi started dog walking and boarding, which confirmed that her career had to specifically be with dogs. Mimi continued her desire to enhance her skills and understanding of dog well-being, so she progressed to working in the dog grooming and daycare industry. Mimi has been fortunate enough to work with dogs of high profile clients such as Sir Elton John and British actress, Anna Friel.

Overall this has given Mimi a profound knowledge and experience of the individual needs of each and every dog whilst allowing her to establish what is missing and what can be improved upon to create her own ultimate service.

Trained and skilled in:

  • Canine Communication
  • Canine Behaviour
  • Canine First Aid

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